Saturday, September 06, 2008

Time For A Change...

"Remember this and never forget it: even if it should seem at times that everything is collapsing, nothing is collapsing at all, because God doesn’t lose battles” – St. Jose Maria Escriva

Do you ever come across people in your life where you just can’t figure out what is going on inside of them because they seem so happy and positive all the time? We all have people in our lives that we can look and exclaim, “I want what you have!”

I remember playing football my freshman year of college and not really feeling at home on the football team. I liked the guys, loved the coaches, but just didn’t feel I had a place in that part of the college culture. I remember one practice where a few guys, who were quite bigger, stronger, and very intimidating came up to me and stated, “You have something that we don’t have, and we want it.” I became somewhat confused and started to wonder if they wanted my helmet, shoulder pads, or the jersey I was wearing. As I was fumbling around, one of them gently clarified what he meant: “no we don’t want any of that, we want to know why there is always a smile on your face and why you are happy all the time.” I was amazed by the question and had never really thought that my desire to have a smile on my face, and respond to life with a cheerful and positive attitude had any affect on people. A few short weeks after that conversation, the season ended and I hung up my football uniform - but still remained close with some of the guys on the team who were sincere in seeking a deeper happiness and freedom when it came to life.

Numerous times in my spiritual journey I have also looked at other people and desired to have what they had. Their faith seemed so deep, their hope unbreakable, and love boundless. And in every inquiry of mine to know what it was that made these people happy it all came down to the context of their lives. You see my friends, so many of us define our lives by winning, or having the most money, or being in the position of power, or being the most popular, or doing better then everyone else. These very contexts are why we have young people today positioning themselves to be fierce competitors in the culture of Hollywood and Wall Street. And it should be no surprise that the outcome is one that leads to depression, broken relationships or families, loneliness, or even suicide. This way of thinking reveals a cheap imitation of happiness and it is responsible for what you see going on in our world today.

With that said my friends, here is the great news! If we establish a context in our lives where we know and embrace our true identity of being sons and daughters of God, and that we believe that God is ever faithful, life will look much different. Every Catholic or Christian probably does know that he or she is a son or daughter of God, but what does it mean to truly live that? It means that we understand that our lives are not our own, that everything that happens to us is a gift from God. It means that we deal with pain and struggle as if they are a part of God’s plan for us and work with Him to find healing and peace And it means that we deal with every moment of our lives as if we are doing God’s work! Our lives will not be boring if we see God’s hand and will in everything that we do. If we begin to live this way, and invite God into every aspect of our lives, we will start to become those people we all admire, those people that seem so free and happy.

Rejoice today because God is faithful! Rejoice today because God wants to be intimately involved in our lives! Rejoice also because a life of happiness is God’s plan for everyone!

Today my friends, don’t just sit around and admire someone else for being happy. Its time to change the context of our lives, and experience that life that God dreams for us! God Bless You,


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