Monday, September 22, 2008


Let’s start with a quiz. Extra credit to anyone who knows what kind of crisis took place in America this past week.


In short, there was a very severe financial crisis in which big investment companies (i.e…companies into which people invest their money to eventually try and make more money in the long term) filed for bankruptcy. They simply ran out of money and lost other people’s money as well. How would you feel if you entrusted your money into an investment company and you realized they did not spend it wisely and now the money is no longer there? Needless to say, it is going to take an estimated 700 billion dollars to make up for the money that was irresponsibly lost.

So what does that have to do with us? I thought you would never ask.

Companies and people go bankrupt when they carelessly spend and waste their money. I think it is the same way for us young people today. We can go bankrupt, not in the money sense of course, but we can lose a lot of ourselves and what is important to us when we carelessly live life and waste it away. We see it all the time.

It starts with recognition of what we have. For starters, we have been given the gift of life, the gift of our identity, the gift of our unique selves. We have also been given the gift of family and friends, and the gift of faith in Jesus Christ and His Church. Underneath those things comes: our likes and dislikes, gifts, passions, and talents, and our hopes, dreams, desires and so much more. When we realize what we have, the next question to ask is, “where are we investing it?”

The people who lost their money this past week invested their assets in big companies they trusted. Where do you invest your assets? Today, a lot of young people invest their assets, such as their identity, in different groups of friends, sports teams, or social networks. Even more so, young people invest their hopes, dreams, and desires in Hollywood, MTV, or the popular way. I once again ask, where do you invest yourself? Where do you put the things that are important to you? Who do you trust with your heart, your emotions, goals, dreams, love, and aspirations? Like others, it might be a business, a friend or significant other, sports team, hobby, or career. Whatever it is, we all invest and give ourselves to things that seem safe, comfortable, and even valuable. But how many times, have we been failed? How many times have our assets been lost, broken, stolen, mishandled, or thrown away? How many times have people cheated us and broken our hearts? How many times have people used us, and wounded our self esteem? How many times have we been left out from a job and told we were not good enough? How many times have we been excited about an opportunity but then quickly realized that it is not exactly what we had hoped for? How many times have we been let down? How many times have we been completely bankrupt because we have put our assets and everything that we have in places they don’t belong, and ultimately fail us?

My friends, there is a place that you can invest your assets and your very selves, and there is a 100% fulfillment rate - no chance of bankruptcy. There is no chance being used, hurt, or left behind. That place is Jesus Christ. He is the place where we can come to give all that we are and everything that we do and hope for. He is the place we can find happiness, community, safety, and fulfillment in our dreams for our lives. If we come to make our investment in Him, who is all loving, powerful, and good, we will live lives like we never can imagine.

What does it mean to invest in Jesus? Get up everyday and entrust your life to Jesus. Pick friends that lead you to Him. Play your sports and offer your schooling to Jesus. Please Him in your relationships, friendships, and families. Measure your thoughts and deeds as if it would please Jesus. Hope in Jesus. Pray to Jesus. Love Jesus! Offer up all that you do to Jesus. Entrust your heart to Him, your love and all that you desire. My friends, He is full and ready to overflow our lives with His goodness and love.

It is time to make some investment changes. It is time to invest in the ONE who will not fail you and will never leave you. On the bright side too…it is not that expensive. J

God Bless You,

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