Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are You Satisfied?...

May the Trinity be praised! At this moment I have taken a deep breath for the first time in seven weeks. My summer of traveling and teaching is over. May the Lord and His abundant mercy and grace be praised for the work He did this summer. When you’re doing God’s work there is no time off! In a few hours I am heading out to a Boys Leadership Camp for the week and then off to other obligations after that. I beg of your prayers!

This week the economic concept of dividing up your assets (money) into many different accounts, plans, or areas of interest was introduced to me. A friend of mine was reflecting on this at a high school talk and I was thinking to myself, “Where is he going with this?” His point was this. In economics dividing up your money might be good, in case one account or plan falls through, you have assets in other places to make up for it. But if you apply that same concept to the human person and the spiritual life, it might be detrimental. So many young people today do exactly this. They put their energy, passion, commitment, and work into many areas of life such as sports, school, friendship, dating relationships, money, leadership, work etc. that every one of their “personal assets” are spread thin. Once we are spread thin and find ourselves doing too many things, we feel let down and unfulfilled.

The treasures that we have been given; our gifts, abilities, talents, passions, desires, and all that we are were not made to be divided up. What would you think if I told you their was one place, one account - if you will - that you could put all your treasure in that could give you infinite rewards and benefits. This account is not in danger of busting or going under and its promises are limitless and eternal!

“Who satisfies that essential human yearning to be one, to be immersed in communion, to be built up, to be led to truth? The Holy Spirit! This is the Spirit’s role: to bring Christ’s work to fulfillment” – Pope Benedict XVI, World Youth Day 2008

I feel like your local bank representative! But here is the point, invests your whole self into Jesus Christ, the one who can give you it all. Take your assets out of the ways of the world that lead us to mediocrity and boredom! Take your assets out of the friends and relationships that are selfish and lifeless at the same time. Take your assets out of your daily routine and schedules where you find yourselves having no time for God and authentic living. Take your assets out of MTV and Hollywood where they are being wasted away and broken. My friends it is time to reclaim ourselves, pick up the pieces, and invest them where they belong… Jesus, the one who dreamed of you and calls you to the fullness of life.

For the record, here is what I am not saying. Don’t play sports, don’t go to movies, don’t have any friends, don’t have fun, just look to Jesus! No all of that is wrong. What I am saying is make your investment in Jesus and let the Holy Spirit fulfill the plan God has for you. Give Him your whole self and then let Him be the reason you play sports, do well in school, hang out with your friends etc. Draw from the wealth of the Holy Spirit in your daily life to then take Him to the rest of the world! Believe in the words of Pope Benedict that Jesus through the Holy Spirit is the only one who can satisfy and fulfill the work that our Creator has for us.

My friends, reclaim your assets and invest them where they belong. Your fulfillment is waiting…

God Bless You,

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