Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Time For Compromises...

Someone who encounters the Ultimate, who knows about the end, must let go of every compromise. In the presence of the Ultimate the only thing that survives is what is authentic. All compromise shatters there. All cheap negotiating shatters there. All half-truths, and all double meanings, and all masks, and all poses shatter there. The only thing that stands the test is what is authentic.
-Father Delp

Rejoice always! The third week of Advent is a reminder to look forward with great joy to the promise of the Lord coming into our lives. Take a moment this week to truly rejoice in where the Lord has brought you in your life - whether there have been baby steps, leaps and bounds, or gradual movements to the Lord and His will for you, rejoice today in His love and purpose in our lives. He came to save, born of a Woman, to set us free from sin and lead us to turn to Him in this life to live with Him fully in the next. Rejoice always!

Two weeks ago we reflected upon being like children, who are humble and trusting. Last week we talked about being ready like Mary to receive the Lord in our lives. This week we talk about letting go.

Thinking about this topic brings a smile to my face because I know how hard it is to do for most of us young people. We live day to day holding onto certain things and desires that we never want to give up. We compromise with ourselves, making us feel better about the sin in our lives or certain weaknesses that we have. We negotiate with God, our parents, and anyone we feel cheated or slighted by. We embrace half truths in our lives when we are scared by the real truth or when the full truth might put a cramp in our style. We wear masks that protect us from revealing our true selves and keep us from loving or being loved as we truly are. If you find yourself in one of these boats, don’t feel alone because all of us are there at one point or another.

The great news about Advent, is that if we humble ourselves like children striving to be ready to meet our Lord, then we let go of all the compromises, negotiating, half truths and masks in our lives. When we encounter our Lord Jesus as a child in the manger, we can’t help but encounter our authentic selves at the same time. What a time this is! We encounter the living God who became man, and in that very instant the veil is lifted and all the things shatter that keep us from our true authentic selves.

My friends, for this to happen we must let go. If we truly desire to meet Jesus in a new way this Christmas and if we truly desire to respond to the promises he made four our lives and future, we must no longer settle for the cheap imitations that we all have become accustomed to. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of living inauthentically at times. I am tired for settling or negotiating with myself about my desires for my life or what my future my hold. And it has been my experience that when we meet the Lord and are able to let go, then our Lord reveals to us our true selves. It is in those moments that we feel most complete and whole. The Lord in His great mercy and love has given us permission to be our authentic selves, exactly as he made us.

This week, get rid of anything in your life that is inauthentic. Look at your words and actions and see the places where you are not being the true self that Jesus wants you to be. Let go of everything that keeps you from the baby in the manger.

It feels good to be authentic! You know what I mean? Let it all go…

God Bless You,


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