Monday, October 20, 2008

The Boss’s Economic Plan

"You fool, this night your life will be demanded of you; and the things you have prepared to whom will they belong?” Thus will it be for the one who sores up treasure for himself but is not rich in what matters to God” - Luke 12:20-21

I sent out a press release this morning letting the news agencies and media know that I would be announcing my Boss’s economic plan today. I got no response (which is not surprising!) so I guess talking about it in my column this week will have to do. I took Economics 101 my freshman year of college so I feel somewhat prepared to reflect on the issue. Ok, not really but I promise it will make sense.

I am in no way an economic expert. I have my bank account, good credit, pay taxes (since I make so much money…that is a joke because I don’t at all!) and strive to save my money. Anyone who pays attention to the presidential race has heard about the differing economic plans that both candidates have proposed. Simply, it all comes down to cutting taxes, raising taxes, and trying to make the poor richer, and the rich poorer (or richer for that matter), depending on which plan you choose.

It is time propose a new economic plan today. It is a traditional plan, very comprehensive, and well done. Many advisors have been working on it for years and years. The Boss likes to call it the “Eternal Rewards Plan” and the great news is that He truly desires everyone to be rich! Maybe His plan will inspire your vote and your life.

Here is the plan:

Be Rich in Dignity

Promote and defend the dignity of every human person. From the baby conceived in the womb to the poor jobless person on the street, to the homeless immigrant, to the mentally handicapped, to the aged and the dying. If we start from the very beginning of life and remain committed to the end, then our work will not be in vain. The priority is the defenseless and those whose dignity is not respected. Recognizes and love the dignity in every person that you meet.

Be Rich in Peace

War with other counties or peoples is not the best answer even thought it is necessary at times. Do not get used to it and see it always as the best answer. Peace is not only the absences of war but also the harmony of people living together with one mind and heart. Peace must be worked for in our families, friendships, schools, work, and society. Peace among the popular and the unpopular, the athletes and the non athletes, the young and the old, and those who think or look differently than me or you. Our ability to work for and establish a lasting peace will determine the fate of our culture and world.

Be Rich in Service

Is your life about you? It is time to make it about someone else. Take the time and effort to reach out to others. With a generous heart give when no one is asking, help when no one is watching. Have others around you be your first priority. Be the first one to offer your place in line, be the first one to perform an act of kindness to the guy or girl in the hall who seems lonely, be the first one to offer a ride home to the younger student who usually walks, be the first one to offer a hand to those struggling with their school work, or be the first one to offer advice and a kind heart to the one who is lost or afraid. Reach out beyond yourself, and help someone else.

Be Rich in Love

It is time to put the pride and selfishness aside and put on love. There is no time to only love those who love us, but to love without limits those who might not love us. Love your family, friends, and those close to you, but also love in a bolder way those who bug you, get on your nerves, or even those who hurt you and make fun of you. Love those who disagree with you, who hate what you stand for, and will do anything to make you feel like you don’t matter. Love solves everything.

In the end my friends, be rich in what matters to God. And if your voting is rich in what matters to God, cast your vote. However, it is quite clear that being rich in what matters to the world doesn’t lead us anywhere. It leads us to MTV, Hollywood, and powerful people who don’t have the slightest clue about the wealth that will last. These candidates have thousands and thousands of people showing up to events and rallies. Their ideas are short-sided and incomplete. And the crowds are yearning for something more.

In fact, they are yearning to be RICH. Not only in money, but in their whole and complete selves. They want to feel rich. Rich in dignity. Rich in Peace. Rich in Service. Rich in Love.

The Boss sends His Love. Also, he would like to remind you that you will be paid very soon. Some of the money you will get now…but you will be paid-in-full in eternity.

Sounds like a good plan to me!

God Bless You,


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